2022 Cloud Computing Trends

Growing Exponentially

Cloud computing is rapidly expanding, and global spending is skyrocketing. The increase in global spending is being catapulted by advancements in cloud environments and the ever-changing, ever-improving wireless technology. Boss GTS, the I.C.T company that works for you, is here to help you stay in line with changes in technology and trends.

Here are some of the trends to keep your eye on during 2022.

  • A.I
    As prevalent as A.I already is, it is advancing rapidly and is expected to do so, continuing throughout 2022 and beyond. Cloud is expected to play a phenomenal role in infrastructure development and end-user delivery. It is quickly reaching a point where modern I.T infrastructure in data centres or within the public cloud, require less manual intervention and rely more on automation.

  • Sustainability
    Reducing our carbon footprint on the globe has been at the forefront for some years, and 2022 is no different in that respect. The cloud will play an integral role in preventing global warming and slowing down the rapid pace of climate change. Many companies are adopting more carbon-neutral goals and focusing on sustainability. Expected changes in business outlook create new challenges for I.T infrastructure and operation leaders.

  • Going Hybrid
    Hybrid gives users adaptability, allowing them to switch between public and private cloud with ease. The fast-expanding use of hybrid can also be attributed to the fact that many companies are in search of additional use cases which include virtual and augmented reality. Hybrid is less complex because of the emphasis placed on streamlining the user experience, as well as, hiding the backend stack in instances where it doesn’t need to be visible. 

  • Serverless Cloud
    Serverless cloud service providers offer companies a way of offloading the management responsibilities for their backend cloud infrastructure and operational tasks. Operational tasks can include provisioning, scheduling, patching, and scaling, to name a few. In this way, customers don’t pay for unused capacity, and developers have more time to optimize the front-end application code and business logic.

    More benefits of serverless cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud include lower costs, faster speeds, and streamlined configurations.

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