Behind the Scenes


Technical Service Offering

  • Managed Services

  • Professional Services

  • Microsoft Consulting

  • Outsourcing Services

  • Project Services

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Support, Presales, Consulting Services


  • Broadband Services

  • MPLS Networks

  • SD–Wan solutions Dedicated internet offerings Wireless solutions

  • Last mile connectivity Hosted PBX Solutions VOIP Solutions

Cloud Solutions

  • Unlimited cloud infrastructure support Uncapped bandwidth

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring and alerting + health reporting Managed Services

  • Managed Security

  • Microsoft O ce pre-installed

  • Local cloud (PoPI compliant)

  • Disaster recovery built-in

  • 15 minute full server recovery RTO

Custom Solutions

  • Virtualization solutions Backup solutions

  • Hyper converged solutions Security solutions

  • Storage solutions

  • Access control and CCTV solutions Cabling infrastructure solutions Smart Building technology

ICT Industry Giants and Our Unstoppable Team

Working in the ICT industry is not easy. The hours can be long and, stress levels often reach fever pitch. Regardless, WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! The sometimes-gruelling schedule doesn’t mean we, at Boss GTS, don’t know how to let our hair down and enjoy getting to know our teammates. Take a sneak peek into the work lives and the after-hours adventures of our team who work in the ICT industry every day. Boss GTS, our team is family! We all play an integral part in how Boss GTS operates. We share in the joys, buckle under the pressures together, and hold each other upright whenever it's needed. A team that sticks together through thick and thin is a team that thrives in any situation.