What local businesses need to know about Cloud Power

Few businesses understand the full capabilities of cloud technology and just how it can be one of the biggest enablers of growth for your enterprise.

Most internet users who use cloud services see only the apps and services that are built on the front end of the cloud, such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and Photos, Netflix and other online backup or entertainment services.

It can be said that the majority of us understand that cloud allows us to use the hardware of another person's server located in a data centre elsewhere as an alternative to self-hosting and on premises, managed servers for your business applications.

The truth is that the cloud is not just a convenient by-product of the rapid rise of high speed internet connectivity.

Business management need to understand that the cloud is a completely different way of comprehending, incorporating and using information technology infrastructure for your business applications.

This new though process allows forward thinking businesses to do things that would not have been viable or even possible.

Customization and scaling according to your needs

Among a range of strategic enterprise benefits, business cloud services provide a greater flexibility, scalability, security, reliability, and redundancy than solutions hosted on premises.

Businesses are able to purchase and integrate the services and functions that they need, when they need them. They can also stop using and paying for them when they are no longer needed. You do not have to plan, purchase and build with 3 month lead times and over extended purchases anymore.

Imagine having to generate a report on 5TB of transaction data that has already been archive don your on-premise hardware. Chances are that you would not have the necessary capacity or database and analytics licenses on hand to fulfil that request immediately.

Had you chosen to archive the data to the cloud, the request would be light work with only a couple of hours of processing time and no additional software licenses required.

Team efficiency increased
Arguably the most visible benefit of cloud in current times is how it enables teams to work remotely with reliable access to their business apps. Without  a doubt, companies that have embraced business cloud services have had an easier time coping with lockdown restrictions.

(See our article on Cloud Deployment in a Time of Crisis)

For remote working, the right cloud solutions that we can custom build for your business, will empower your employees to access their services at higher speeds and with improved reliability from wherever they are working from.

Think of an idea over breakfast, try it out before lunchtime
Combining modern cloud tools with developmental and operational practices and leadership that encourages experimentation, businesses can be extremely nimble. The critical part that is unlocked by cloud, is the ability to run low-cost experiments, fast.

An illustration of this (taken from this article on business tech) is a mobile app, built as a Proof-of-Concept for the Nigerian Government, to assist with the registration of citizens for National Identity Numbers.

Within 48-hours from receiving the brief a fully functioning mobile app was produced that had Facial Recognition and immediate scalability, based on building blocks of the AWS cloud.

To make the benefit of this approach more real you need to ask the question: Does it make you nervous to know that your competitor may be busy evaluating these capabilities?

Optimise Your Cloud Strategy
The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the need for businesses to become increasingly dynamic in terms of digital revolution, and business cloud services provide powerful tools to achieve this agility.

The adoption of cloud is however a multi-faceted effort and requires buy-in and drive from executive and director level to succeed. Additionally, organisational and cultural change needs to be included for optimal and ongoing results.

To best leverage these benefits of the cloud, companies should build their strategy with an experienced cloud solutions partner.

Boss GTS is a growing business that have taken the task of providing their clients with custom er specific Information Technology solutions.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the supply and installation of IT technology, Project Management, IT maintenance and support services, end to end private cloud hosting services, any application-in-the-cloud, proactive management of client data and services, and actual DR/BCP services.

We offer tailored consultation, developing hardware as a service offering specific to every client, customising solutions based on need rather than the traditional Spin-up-services.

Our vision is to create a company that is agile, flexible and responsive to address the unique IT requirements for small, medium, and large size companies. Armed with more than elite technical certifications, our main focus is infrastructure solutions architecture, designing purpose fit solutions for customers.

We have a track record of designing solutions that work, competitive pricing, delivering hardware on time and implementing the solutions successfully.

Feel free to contact us to setup a meeting to discuss your unique requirements. 

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