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EduAfrica, the learning management system of choice

Education is the solid foundation on which any nation is built. Unfortunately, in South Africa, and many other countries worldwide, education is not readily available and certainly not at the same standard throughout. With the current pandemic, this situation has only magnified. The ability to offer an education solution that allows students easier access to learning facilities anywhere and at any time has been a game-changer for learners and teachers alike. 


The Boss Learning Management System, EduAfrica differs from all the other available systems on the market. Our unique integrations make this THE platform to use. 


We have created a fully integrated LMS, one that pulls together all the required elements such as Active Directory, Azure, Custom API’s, Office 365, and Moodle to allow seamless integration between on-premise/local AD and Moodle, while incorporating Office 365 and Teams free of charge for students and faculty staff. Another important added feature is Azure Analytics which provides granular visibility for faculty staff to monitor student progress throughout their curriculum. 

The many benefits of this architectural design are focused on providing the technology platform required for students to achieve their academic goals. By using technology, we can deliver all the tools and flexibility to empower students across the country.   

  • On-prem Active Directory replicated to Azure Active Directory. 

  • Within the Azure tenancy, we create custom API’s to pull through free Office 365 and Teams.

  • Login to Moodle via OpenID Connect (Office 365 Plug-in) with your on-premise Active Directory account, which is integrated with Office 365 and teams.

  • Azure Analytics provides granular visibility for faculty staff to monitor students’ progress. 

Boss GTS has education at the forefront of our technological drive. We have recognised the need for a platform that offers integrated learning systems that encourage interaction. 

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